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Secure Mailbox Services in Salt Lake City, UT

Making sure your mail is secure is important in today’s age. It’s not enough to simply purchase a secure mailbox anymore. What’s the point of purchasing a safe if a thief can just take the whole safe away? At BrickFoot Masonry Co, we use our expert masonry skills and techniques to secure your mailbox for peace of mind. Mailboxes must be installed in accordance with your local laws regarding distance from the curb, height, and other specifications. In order for your courier to easily deliver your mail, it needs to be as approachable as it is secure. Call us today to schedule your secure mailbox installation for your home or business.

brick mailbox

Perfect Installations for Peace of Mind

We use strong mounts and pedestals for added security when installing your mailbox. No matter what type of mail you’re receiving, you should be able to relax knowing that nobody is stealing or tampering with your information. Feel free to choose from a wide variety of security mailboxes to match your style and your home’s motif. Then, we will pour the concrete and drive your mailbox directly into the masonry. Every extra step we take is another line of security for your private information. There’s little involvement on your side. Just select your mailbox and where you’d like it, and we’ll take care of the rest! All of our installations are compliant with USPS standards, so you never have to worry if your mailbox will be properly set up to receive mail.

Safe, Strong, and Sturdy Mailboxes

In order to keep your mailbox secure from damage and theft, we bury them over 20 inches into the ground, secured with concrete. In short, that piece of equipment isn’t going anywhere. Contact our team today to learn more information about our secure mailbox installations and upgrades. We take pride in keeping our customers safe and look forward to serving you next.

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