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Stone & Rock Work Repair / Installations in Salt Lake City, UT

Call BrickFoot Masonry Co for your stone and rock work repairs and installations. For over 48 years, we’ve been proud to supply Salt Lake City with our expertise. If you have bought an older home and the stonework needs some love and care, or you had a company install a wall you’re not too proud of, we can help. We have a tried and true method of repairing rock and stone to look as good as new. You can trust our years of service to speak for itself. Call us today for a free estimate on your rock or stone wall repairs. No matter the size of the project, we can help.

stone fireplace

Our Repair Process

Our process is simple and effective. We first clear away rubble and loose stones to get an accurate look at the issue. We remove any loose stones while making sure to preserve structurally sound stones. We then carefully prepare the cement and stone for the repair. Because we’ve been doing this line of work for years, we’ve mastered the art of the water to cement ratio. We’ll match our mixture to your existing rock and stonework to seamlessly blend in the repair. Our idea is to make it look as beautiful, if not better, than the day you had your rock work installed. During our process, we keep our workspace tidy. We understand that this is your home or commercial business, and you have an image to keep up. While we construct our repairs, we’ll make sure not to create any additional messes.

New Stone and Rock Installations

We don’t just offer our excellent repair services; we also install new rock and stonework to residential and commercial buildings. Call us with your ideas of construction, and we’ll discuss pricing and options. There are unlimited ways to design stone and rock work for your home or office. Whether you have an exact design in mind or would like our creative input, we can work with you. Increase your curb appeal while also raising the property value of your home. Contact us today to get started.

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